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Programs Open to the Community

Primary Care Asthma Program (PCAP)

by Central Community Health Care

Asthma Monthly Clinic Day (in partnership with the Asthma Centre at St. Joseph’s Health Care London)

About five clients with Asthma are seen by an asthma specialist nurse from LHSC on Mondays once per month. The Primary Care Asthma Program (PCAP) staff member will do pre and post spirometry and education and training for clients. Clients are referred by CCHC Nurse Practitioner or Physician. PCAP is one component of the Ontario Asthma Plan of Action sponsored by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOHLTC). This program is delivered at the Central Community Health Centre (CCHC) in partnership with the Asthma Centre, St. Joseph’s Health Care London.

For more information, speak to your CCHC health care provider.

Monthly Program Calendar

by Central Community Health Centre

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